McKLPOA Membership Information

The McKLPOA annual membership fee is $50.


What is a McKenzie Lake Property Owners Association (McKLPOA) Membership?

A McKLPOA membership is your involvement in the community around you, and signifies you actively support the mission, vison and values of the Association. 

OUR MISSION: To connect property owners and stakeholders of McKenzie Lake and its watershed in the maintenance, sustainability and preservation of the natural environment and resources, and to foster a sense of community.

OUR VISION: To ensure McKenzie Lake and its watershed area are maintained and preserved in their natural state, for future generations of property owners and stakeholders to enjoy the same as they do today.

McKLPOA stands for: sustainability, environmental protection, balanced land use, water quality protection, and species protection.

Assocation Membership Means:
      • You can vote at the Annual General Meeting on topics concerning  your community and it's environment
      • Have full access to which has learning resources, information, association information, local talk forums, the Lake Plan and more...
      • Access to our online learning courses to increase knowledge of environmental and other topics of interest (this area is growing)
      • Get member discounts on McKLPOA official events and swag
      • Be confident in collective representation with the Township of South Algonquin, Indigenous Community, Parks and Recreation, Local logging information and more...
      • Receive official McKLPOA Newsletter(s) (main newsletter highly recommended for all members) which can include:
        • Official Main Newsletter (generally issued quarterly)
        • Environmental Committee Newsletter
        • Specific Event Newsletter
        • Store and Swag Newsletter
      • Access to other member information for contacting, etc.
Why is it an annual membership?
It is very important that we keep our information about you and your property up date.
This allows us to communicate effectively with you, keeping you informed and involved in activities and initiatives.
It also covers the cost of doing all of this for you. We are governed by a Board of volunteers, operated by an Executive Committee of Volunteers, and use members to perform many of the activities and actions which help keep McKenzie Lake the way it is. 
What do annual fees pay for?
  1. Association insurance for directors and event coverage.
  2. Incorporated fees such as accounting and annual filing fees.
  3. Potential legal representation as per available funds in reserve.
  4. Specific events which the executive supports or endorses.
  5. Website hosting and operation.
  6. Communication (postage, etc) and various small miscellaneous expenses. 

NOTE: Many specific events, initatives or Environmental Committee Actions do not use general membership funds, and have their own funding drives and initiatives to support those costs.

How does a membership with McKLPOA work?
  • ONE membership per property - only one account should be the membership account with McKLPOA. In order to do this, you set it up your membership with a login and password that can be shared with your family members who want access. The primary account holder will be responsible for the account use. We will be trying to clean up duplicate accounts per property moving forward.
  • All memberships have been set to track as per our AGM cycle. Meaning regardless of when you sign up to be a member, your active status will expire AT the next AGM. You have 60 days prior to expiry to re-register your membership.
    PLEASE NOTE: to vote as a member at the AGM, you MUST be a member in good standing (i.e. paid up). 
  • Membership Registrations and Renewals are to be completed BEFORE the Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Our AGM is usually the third Saturday in August. In order for members to vote at the AGM they must renew or activate their memberships. This can be done online  or in person before the start of the meeting. 
  • Each membership account is automatically signed up for the newsletter for the primary account holder - our primary communication medium. However, each family member can subscribe to the newsletter separately - so if you have extended family members who all wish to receive a copy of the newsletter, they can sign up on the website separately. This way you will not have to forward the newsletter and they receive it instantly.


It's very important to take a moment and ensure your information is up-to-date when you register or are renewing your membership annually. It's easy to do, simply go to and ensure the information about your property is up to date in the member profile section. 


How to become a member:NewMember

From the user menu select "Become a McKLPOA Member" from the drop down options. Complete the form in full and select a payment option. E-transfer is the preferred method of payment. Management will be notified of your registration, payment will be confirmed and the account will be activated after the verification process is complete. 





Renew LinkRenewing your existing or expired membership:
To renew your membership online easily, you need to do this BEFORE the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) and your membership expires. This means if your membership is set to expire at the AGM, you have up to 60 days prior the AGM which you can renew your membership online easily while still having access to the website. 
If you did attempt to renew earlier than 60 days before expiry online, it will not show you the renew options. To renew earlier in this case, follow the steps below in the event you didn't renew before the end of the grace period as it's the same process. Your renewal will be manually updated by the admin upon payment.
If you don't complete your renewal either before expiry or some other reason cannot online, you will need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request to renew, and send an e-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the annual fee. 
Please note, regardless of when you signup or renew your membership within the annual cycle the fee only covers until the next AGM before it expires. One more reason to keep your annual dues up to date so you can have access to the resources and values of the membership all year long. 
Membership Certificate & Subscriptions Updates
Active members can access their member profile area to download their membership receipt and active member certificate which can be proudly framed and posted ;-)
Go the "My Subscriptions" section in your profile and you'll see a download button for your current certificate. 
Here you can also see all your event participation history and download tickets for events as well which you've signed up for. 
For NEWSLETTERS subscriptions, members and non-members can sign themselves up to receive various newsletters by individually signing up with the appropriate email. Please note, persons not verified to be directly associated with a member account, will not be allowed to receive the member newsletter. 


McKLPOA is a nonprofit, member based, Association for the property owners surrounding McKenzie Lake and its watershed.


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