Bill Marriott
My wife Michelle and I purchased our property soon after our first visit in the fall of 2001. We were amazed at the quietness of the lake and the abundance of crown land. When asked what I love about the area I'd have to say there are just too many things to list. I've recently retired from Bell Canada after 34 years as a Systems Engineer and Solution Architect working within the Canadian Banking Industry. My wife and I joined the association our first year on the lake, in 2002. We joined as we wanted to meet people from the area and find out about any activities that might put at risk the very qualities of the location we enjoy most. I've been on the executive now for about 5 years. It's been meaningful, fun and not too time consuming. It's my way to give back. The association provides both seasonal and year-round residents the opportunity to meet other families in the area and helps disseminate pertinent information from the township. Information that might affect our environment is of key importance to me. In my eyes the forward priority is the lake plan. If development was proposed on the crown land the lake plan would serve as a starting point for any organized activity to ensure we keep the area as it is for many years to come. We've got the ball rolling so to say, so now we just need to see it through to the finish line. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to any member of the executive. We'd like to get to know you.
Chris Ursulak
Chris UrsulakVice
My family first came to the lake in 1980. It was on that first arrival, when lost looking for our current property, that we came upon Judy Lamarsh’s place, which was the first and only time we would get to meet her. In 2014 I made this my permanent residence. This lake is special due to it’s overall low population density and remoteness from main roads and access. It has always been a peaceful place with ample opportunities to spent time in nature. Many memories have been generated over the years with our family. Our family have been members of the association since the 80’s. Since 2000, I have increased my involvement in the association out of our appreciation of what we have here in order to help protect it. The surrounding community and people bring a unique home to this area with a wealth of different talents and abilities. I joined the executive to help assist in accomplishing some goals for the property owners as well as felt my professional skill set would offer value to the members of the community. I found the executive share a common vision and goal for the area which I hope to help it fulfill. In addition to serving as VP, I developed and maintain our McKLPOA web page. In my professional life I am a partner in both a health and safety consulting, as well as a health and safety software firm. I also volunteer as a member on the Bancroft-Minden LCC - a local citizens group established to assist the MNRF in the forestry management of the area. I represent McKenzie Lake property owners and the environmental committee in this capacity. The association can play a key role in the liaison with government and stakeholders in regards to decisions and actions taken for the lake and surrounding area. It is through a united and strong community presence where values and beliefs can be firmly communicated and carry weight with future plans for the area. The McKenzie Lake Property Owners Association is our association, here for us and I’m happy to make my contribution for the benefit of everyone and the preservation of our unique Lake and area.
Jane Foster
Jane FosterVice
Hello! My name is Jane Foster and I am currently serving as the secretary-treasurer of our McKenzie Lake Property Owners Association. We joined the association when we bought the cottage. I've been a member of the executive since 2014 replacing Jeff Massey in this role. I retired from teaching at Centre Hastings Secondary School in Madoc about 5 years ago. My husband, Mark, and I have a cottage tucked in the cove before Windmill Point if you’re coming from the lodge – the place with the yellow boathouse. My grandparents, Wicky and Winn Ross, bought from Lees in 1966 when I was about five, before there was Henry Coghlan Road or hydro on the lake. Many of my fondest memories come from here, and since we were lucky enough to be able to buy when Grandma was ready to sell, our three children spent their summers here too. There is a timeless quality about this place. The view across the lake hasn’t changed in all this time. The loons still sing in summer and the campfires still bring out the marshmallows and guitars. We try to preserve the cottage as a place to slow down and play cards and board games, fish and swim instead of watching TV, and we really appreciate the natural beauty. Yet there have been changes. We can’t drink the lake water anymore, and it’s harder to find crayfish, pollywogs, frogs and turtles, but it’s still one of the best places there is! I feel good knowing that the MCKLPOA provides a way for us to pool ideas and work together to ensure we can keep this area the best it can be. Through community events we can get to know each other better, and through water and wildlife monitoring programs, and an official Lake Plan, we can work to preserve our natural environment. Please feel free to call one of us on the executive, or email the if you want to participate in any way!
Gina Green
My name is Gina Pettifer-Green and I am currently serving as the McKLPOA Secretary-Treasurer.  I have been a member of the Association since my husband Tim and I purchased our property back in 1987.  My husbands family has camped and hunted in this area for over 100 years, so when we heard a lot was up for sale, we jumped on it! When we purchased our place from the Wiltons in 1987, it only had a shed on it as the cottage had been struck with lightning and burnt down…lightning has actually struck twice here!  We have certainly seen a lot of changes.  We have seen hydro come in, the dump close and garbage pickup start,  owners becoming permanent residents on the lake : we built our cottage after “glamping” in the blue shed for 10 years with our two children and made it our permanent residence in 2020 after renovations. We’re a blessed group here on McKenzie – all you have to do is tour other lakes to appreciate the beauty of this place with it’s large expanse of undeveloped waterfront  - it’s quite rare and something worth protecting. I think it’s important to have an Association that is keeping an eye on things as the environment changes around us.  It’s also a good way to meet people on the lake and to make some connections.  Check out the website and our Facebook page to see what interests you and how to get involved.  I look forward to meeting you!
Jill BartleyFACEBOOK
Jill is the moderator of the Facebook McKLPOA group. A private group that serves as a social forum for members and non-members alike. Access to the group is controlled to allowing only parties with a tie to lake into the group (extended family members, etc.). Jill is also the largest contributor of amazing wildlife and scenery images from around the area. Much of what you see here on our public pages is her tireless passion for capturing what is happening around us. The McKLPOA facebook group (which is private) can be found by clicking the little icon in the top right.
McKLPOA Board of Directors and Committee Historical Members
  1. President: Bill Marriott
  2. Vice President: Chris Ursulak
  3. Vice President: Jane Foster
  4. Treasurer: Gina Green
  5. Environmental Committee Chair: Chris Ursulak
    1. Member: Kim Beemer
    2. Member: Jane Foster
    3. Member: Stacey Papernick

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Chris Ursulak:
Jane Foster:
PO Box 192, Whitney, ON, K0J 2M0

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held the third Sunday in August at a location determined by the Board. If you wish to attend and are not a member, you must contact one of the board members to register.


McKLPOA is a nonprofit, member based, Association for the property owners surrounding McKenzie Lake and its watershed.


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